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What we do

We Research, Educate and Advocate for Liberty.


Research is the basis for our intervention in education and advocacy for liberty. Our research focus is on public policy and market research, aimed at determining the suitability and desirability of specific products, services and public policies in satisfying the needs of customers/citizens for prosperity and sustainable development.

By gathering empirical data that are scientifically analysed, interpreted and passed through peer review mechanisms, we help create a better society, where businesses, governments and the citizens are better informed on how to get the best deals and prosper rapidly, through free market exchanges and voluntary cooperation.


Ignorance is the barrier, education is the key to freedom.

We are committed to promoting education generally, especially basic literacy which should be attained by every individual but more precisely, we have specialised in teaching the “ideas of liberty”. 

We want people to “learn to be free” from poverty (SDG goal 1), free from hunger,etc

Therefore we organise or collaborate with other organisers of specialised courses, workshops, seminars, high level trainings, coaching and mentoring classes through which we train mostly business leaders, thought leaders, researchers, educators, public intellectuals and policy makers who are thereby empowered through their better informed activities to impact millions of lives, accelerating the process of freeing Africa from the shackles of hunger and poverty.


By Advocacy, we mean the art of persuasion, be it in marketing a product, promoting a service or popularising a social change campaign. 

Through research and education, we lay a solid foundation for data driven advocacy to promote economic prosperity and ensure sustainable development in Africa.


Liberty means freedom. Freedom from poverty, hunger, illiteracy, inequality, injustice, oppression etc. 

There are specific conditions that foster poverty and specific conditions that foster prosperity either for individuals, corporate organisations or for nations.

Through research analysis, we help individuals, corporate organisations and nations recognise these conditions and take the best decisions in every situation.

Contact us

Do you need help in facilitating your events, workshops, seminars, symposia, e.t.c ? or in developing your proposals, business plans, market surveys, social impact assessments, running a social media campaing e.t.c. ?,

fill our contact form and let us know how we may help. 

Chale Institute
  • +234-803-513-3150
  • Info@chaleinstitute.com
  • TCHALEI FOUNDATION, 1 Feyi Adeyemi Road, Itanla G.R.E., Ondo, Nigeria

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