African Ideas of Liberty Course

Learn about the 10 core principles of classical liberalism/libertarianism from an African perspective.
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Created by Feyisade Adeyemi


Chale Institute Creates a Wealth Of Opportunities

CHALE INSTITUTE, a network of researchers, educators and advocates of liberty, is devoted to promoting free market systems, popularizing a culture of peace, love, liberty, prosperity and sustainable development in Africa. Chale Institute gives you an opportunity to enrich yourself through free online and offline training, free ebooks, internships, seminars, job openings, essay/writing contests, travel grants, research grants, business start-up grants among others. Our free online and offline trainings will equip you with the knowledge of the basic principles needed for any society to transit from poverty to prosperity and how you can use these principles to transform your life and the lives of people in your community. You will also learn how to carry out globally cited policy research, write award winning op-ed articles, develop marketing campaigns and social media advocacy that trends, amongst other cutting edge skills that will make you stand out in the global market place of the 21st century.


A free Africa


To popularize an indigenous culture of liberty and sustainable development in Africa; through research, education and advocacy.

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Feyisade Charles Adeyemi

Who Invented Your Language?

The argument for command and control systems is that for society to have order, there is need for a powerful command center, to which everyone

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Giving to Chale Institute

The Chale Institute (TCHALEI) is a non-governmental, non-political, non-profit, educational foundation. Our success depends on the support of corporate and individual donors who wish to see Africa defeat the scourge of poverty and under development. Donations to The Chale Institute are used to fund our activities which include but are not limited to; providing free training to our students, providing learning resources such as books and videos, providing prizes for essay contests, funding research, publishing research findings in relevant journals etc.;

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